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Making Ice!!

15 Jan

Ice update: 6-8 inches! Glad that warm stretch is over! This is the weather to make some ice!  Stay tuned for more updates!



11 Jan



11 Jan

Will be checking ice on Sunday after this warm weather breaks. Still about 6-7 inches in most spots. Stay off the ice until the warm weather passes! Will keep you posted next week!

Ice Update 01/08/12

8 Jan

ICE UPDATE: 5-8 inches. Took a nice snowmobile ride to Quinney, smooth ice all the way. Took shore line to Pipe, went over to Wendts. Rough ice east of shore. Hoping for a cold stretch after this little bit of warm up! Bring on the ice!!


6 Mar

This is probably my last report for the year. We were out today getting a ice shanty and the conditions out there on the ice is very dangerous. There  is a 40 ft wide crack from Waukau Ave on the west shore all the way to Neenah. There are some fisherman walking out by Fisk Ave.But use extreme caution the conditions are going to deterorate quickly with the warmer weather coming.I hope this web site helped a few of you this year. This was our first year. next year were going to be a little more detailed maybe even pictures. Have a safe year and good luck fishing.


1 Mar

As of today Otter Street removed the ATV bridges.  The Fox River has opened up all the way to Waugoo and approximately another mile out from the mouth of the river.  I recommend that everyone stay off the ice for the remainder of the season.  If you do decide to venture out use extreme caution!!! There are a lot of sturgeon holes out there and not all have been marked.  Same goes for the upper river lakes…stay off if you don’t know the ice.

Remember the ice is never 100% safe!

UPDATE…Do Not attempt to cross the crack off Merritt.  The crack has opened up to a 40′ width.


29 Feb

Ice conditions are changing on a daily bassis now with the sun up longer during the day. There is still 9 to 14 inches of ice on Lake Winnebago. There are alot of sturgeon holes on the lake that are pretty big due to run off and the sun be carefull with atv’s and snowmobiles. Otter Street will watch the ice conditions for the atv bridge this could be pulled off this weekend 3-3-12 we will try to keep it out as long as we fell it is safe for atv’s. Lake Poygan and Lake Buttes Des Morts is the same as Lake Winnebago watch out for sturgeon holes.I recommend only atv’s and snowmobiles on these lakes also. The season is coming to an end I hope this website has helped a little bit . This was our first year trying this hope everyone enjoyed it. We will still monitor the ice till the season ends.